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There is so much to discover in the 23-mile, 5,000 acre stretch of the American River Parkway!

Did you know there are over 13 vehicle access points along the American River and dozens of gateways that lead from neighborhoods all along the 23-mile stretch of the American River? Did you also know that there is a distinct and noticeable change in flora, terrain, and elevation from Sacramento to Nimbus Dam? Hundreds of miles of hiking trails in the nearly 5,000 acre parkway offer diverse landforms, flora, and fauna and a variety of hiking experiences.

A woman told me recently, “We walk out at Ancil Hoffman Park exclusively almost every day.” Perhaps you frequent the Parkway on a regular basis but out of convenience and comfort, you always go to the same area. This group will explore different access points along the river and in the process we will learn about the flora, fauna, and natural history of each unique area. You may stick with your regular routine, but after being in this group, you’ll expand your options, AND meet some like-minded people!

The hiking Club meets every week for 10 weeks in a different section of the American River Parkway. We wander and explore 10 different Parkway access points while learning about the land’s history, flora, and fauna. Each hike averages 4-5 miles and they occur rain or shine!


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