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“Birds talk to each other. We can understand it. And it’s fun!” Joe Ellis, Audubon Board Member

Become a local expert of what is happening in the natural world by sitting amongst the birds and sharing their stories with others.

The ability to understand bird language is a practice of awareness that is hard-wired into the human brain, though without activation this skill and its beneficial effects tend to lie dormant. When we practice this ancient pattern of connection and awareness, we awaken all kinds of healthy benefits:

  • Our creativity increases,
  • We become happier, we feel more electricity in our bodies;
  • We develop a sense of empathy for the natural world and for other people.
  • We begin to realize that we have effects on others through our actions, not just on the birds in our yard, but on the people in our lives – this awareness changes the way we walk in the world.

This group meets monthly at a designated spot in the Parkway. A short walk leads attendees to a sit spot that becomes their own, week after week. Over time, attendees come to intimately know their spot and the birds that come and go through the seasons. At the end of each meeting, we share stories from the land and enjoy light refreshments. When we come together and share these stories after a group sit spot, we enrich our knowledge of place, become more attuned to the seasons, learn the habits of year-round and seasonal birds and other creatures, and it is fun!


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