I was amazed by the animal tracks we found. Those perfect rabbit tracks were awesome. It was so fun to see the kids get so interested in coyote scat. The ‘art of trailing’ activity really activated the whole group.”

-Allen T.

Recently participated in a nature walk led by Guy Galante. His extensive experience leading youth outings was apparent in the organization, which included education, fun activities, and a group dynamic which I had never experienced before; a feeling of community. He has a unique ability to connect people with each other, the history of the area, and with caring about nature. Guy is a Sacramento community leader."

-Barbara G.

Thank you so much for hosting the native plant identification walk. Travis and I greatly enjoyed it. Travis wanted to say: “I liked learning about our native plants and about how they help us. I usually go to the American River for walks and I see plants but I didn't pay attention to what kind of plant they are, but I will start to do that more often.” Thanks again. I have greatly enjoyed every occasion that you led a group.

-Bob L.

The next day my son was pretending to be you. He was dragging the stick like you did (for the stick drag game) and was pretending to track animals. It was really cool

-Jerry Y.

Thank you so much Guy for an amazing time the last two Saturday's. My daughter and I really enjoyed the Passport Program and hope to attend more events like this in the future. I felt rejuvenated and definitely had a wake up call to spend more time with nature


Thank you for a most entertaining and educational morning. Love the way the two of you organized educational nature games that could appeal to our group of many ages. Looking forward to seeing you next Saturday.

-Patty S.

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